Das Lederband Halsband Barcelona, Zwart

Das Lederband halsband Barcelona, Zwart
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The Leather Band Collar Barcelona is a high-quality dog collar that is not only stylish but...meer
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The Leather Band Collar Barcelona is a high-quality dog collar that is not only stylish but also ensures the comfort and well-being of your faithful four-legged companion. This unique collar is carefully designed and handcrafted in Germany, using only the finest materials.

This collar is made from genuine leather of the highest quality, sourced from certified organic leather. As a result, the collar is particularly suitable for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin. The use of organic leather is not only better for your dog but also for the environment, as it is produced in a sustainable and responsible manner.

An innovative feature of this collar is the built-in Zugentlastung, a D-ring at the buckle. This provides an even distribution of the pulling force, reducing the strain on your dog's neck during walks and training. This increases the comfort of your dog and reduces the risk of potential neck problems.

The olive leaf-tanned leather makes this collar not only durable but also environmentally friendly. The traditional method of olive leaf-tanned leather ensures that no harmful chemicals are used, resulting in a less burdensome production process for the environment.

The Leather Band Collar Barcelona is delightfully soft and supple, making it pleasant for your dog to wear and minimizing friction. The collar is available in different sizes to perfectly fit your dog's neck circumference.

What also sets this collar apart is the full transparency of the production chain. Each collar comes with an engraved serial number, allowing you to trace the complete production history. This demonstrates Das Lederband's commitment to quality, sustainability, and integrity.

Choose the Leather Band Collar Barcelona and give your beloved dog the comfort, style, and care he deserves. A collar with Zugentlastung made from certified organic leather for an allergy-friendly, sustainable, and responsible choice.



  • Dog collar with tension relief (D-ring at the buckle)
  • Genuine leather
  • Made in Germany
  • Made from certified organic leather
  • Particularly hypoallergenic
  • Extremely durable thanks to olive leaf tanning
  • Delightfully soft and supple
  • Full transparency of the production chain through the engraved serial number


Size Chart: 


Neck circumference


11cm – 15cm


16cm – 20cm


21cm – 25cm


26cm – 30cm


15cm – 19cm


20cm – 24cm


23cm – 29cm


28cm – 34cm


33cm – 39cm


36cm – 42cm


41cm – 47cm


46cm – 52cm


51cm – 57cm



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